Desktop FT-IR Spectrometer

Short description

Attenuated total reflection-Fourier transform infrared spectrometer.

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Technical highlights

• High resolution up to 2 cm-1 . providing more accurate substance information and precise detection results.

• Wide spectral range, reaching 500 cm-1 in the low wavenumber range, offering richer substance information.

• High intelligence, automatically analyzing complex mixtures. Smooth touchscreen operation with an intuitive software interface.

• Simple operation, capable of directly detecting solid, powder, and liquid samples without the need for sample preparation.

• Multiple networking options for timely backup of detection results.


IT2000 employs fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FT-IR) technology , coupled with intelligent algorithms and a rich spectral library , enabling fast and accurate detection of unknown substances and quantitative analysis of mixture components . Using permanently aligned solid-angle mirrors combined with a high-performance DLaTGS detector ensures the generation of high-quality data, making it suitable for applications in basic education and research fields.

IT2000 features an integrated touchscreen computer , providing a robust and durable design for easy mobility. The operation is simple , and it comes with intelligent operating software, making it convenient for basic scientific research and quality control applications.


Typical applications


• Research Applications: Qualitative analysis of compounds and molecular structures, such as ethanol, 2,5-dimethylphenol, 2-nitro-4-methylaniline, etc.

• Pharmaceutical Quality Control: Authentication and detection of adulteration in traditional Chinese medicinal materials, such as Codonopsis and Adenosmae, Astragalus and Sophora root, Angelica and European Angelica, etc.


• Criminal Investigation: Component detection of drugs and explosives, such as heroin, TNT, etc.

• Jewelry and Gemstones: Internal structure inspection of jewelry and gemstones, to identify authenticity, such as distinguishing between nephrite and Hetian jade.

• Petrochemical Industry: Analysis of oil properties, such as analysis of changes in various components in lubricating oil.

Product specifications

Spectral resolution 2 cm-1
Spectral range 5000-500 cm-1
Screen 10.5-inch capacitive touch screen displays results clearly
Connection interface USB, WiFi, Bluetooth
Sampling window Diamond ATR

Usage/ application


Direct detection without sample pre-treatment