Desktop/Portable Raman Spectrometer

Short description

Scientific research-grade Raman spectrometer, can be connected to a microscope for micro-Raman analysis.

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Technical highlights

• Excellent Performance: Research-grade spectral performance with advantages such as high resolution, high sensitivity, and high signal-to-noise ratio.
• Non-destructive Testing: Capable of directly detecting through transparent or semi-transparent packaging, such as glass, plastic bags, etc.
• Powerful Software: Compatible with various operating systems, capable of data collection, analysis, comparison, and other tasks.
• Easy Operation: Intuitive software interface for user-friendly operation.
• Multifunctional testing Accessories: Equipped with fiber optic probes, Raman microscopes, standardized sealed detection chambers, suitable for solid, powder, and liquid detection.
• Robust Environmental Suitability: Well-suited for on-vehicle settings, fulfilling criteria for impact resistance in high and low temperatures, vibration, and drop tests.


The RS2000LAB/RS2100LAB portable Raman spectrometers and RS3100 research-grade Raman spectrometer are three high-performance research-grade Raman spectrometers. They have excellent characteristics such as high sensitivity, high signal-to-noise ratio, and a wide spectral range.

These instruments can be configured with different excitation wavelengths based on detection requirements, and they offer up to 4-channel configurations. They are well-suited to meet the needs of research institutions, pharmaceutical companies, regulatory agencies, and others in research areas such as biopharmaceuticals, polymer materials, food safety, forensic identification, environmental pollution detection, and more.


Typical applications


Online Raman quickly determines the crystalline phase transformation results under different reaction conditions.

Online Raman quickly determines the consistency of multiple batches of formulations with the crystalline form of active pharmaceutical ingredients.

Investigation and consistency evaluation of drug crystal forms


Analysis and classification of aromatic components in maotai-flavor liquor



Surface analysis of solid materials: study of corrosion products on uranium metal surfaces


Research on silicone reaction kinetics

Product specifications


RS2000LAB RS2100LAB RS3100
Design/Appearance  ert (261)  ert (262) ert (260)
Excitation wavelength 785 nm 1064 nm 532 nm
Laser power 0~500 mW, continuously adjustable power 0~1200 mW ,continuously adjustable power 0~100 mW ,continuously adjustable power
Resolution <6 cm- 1 <9 cm- 1 <8 cm- 1(50 μm slit), <6 cm- 1(25 μm slit)
Weight <10 kg <10 kg <20 kg
Wavelength stability <0.01 nm <0.01 nm <0.01 nm
Detector Non-cooling and deep cooling optional Non-cooling and deep cooling optional Scientific research grade, deep cooling camera
Spectrometer Transmission high-throughput spectrometer
Standard    accessories Solid sleeve, liquid sleeve, light-proof sample cell
Optional accessories Microscope, mechanically adjustable stage
Software functionality Spectral acquisition, spectral data processing, spectrogram comparison, equipment calibration
Working environment Working temperature: 0~40 ℃ . Storage temperature: -20~55 ℃

Data output format

Spc standard spectra, txt, prn and other formats available