Food Safety Analyzer

Short description

Detection of pesticide residues, non-edible chemicals, illegal additives, and food additives in food and traditional Chinese medicines; authentication of traditional Chinese medicines

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Technical highlights

• Based on Raman spectroscopy and infrared spectroscopy technology, accurate, fast and highly adaptable.

• The testing scope is wide, including more than 100 monitoring items such as pesticide and veterinary drug residues, non- edible chemical substances, food additives, illegal additives in health products, and toxic and harmful substances.

• Multiple screening.

• Easy to operate, capability to complete analysis in as little as 1 minute.


JINSP provides rapid testing solutions for food safety and traditional Chinese medicine safety. These solutions are suitable for daily food safety monitoring in regulatory agencies such as market supervision, inspection and quarantine, agricultural product supervision, and public security food and drug environmental investigation. They can be equipped in food rapid testing laboratories and mobile food safety inspection vehicles.

Common food testing techniques are divided into laboratory testing and on-site rapid testing. Rapid testing technology is fast and easy to operate . It not only ensures timely detection but also increases the coverage of testing. For example, collective dining, such as schools and hotels, can test all samples purchased on a given day every morning to ensure dining safety. The advantages of low cost and not requiring specialized personnel for operation make rapid testing technology widely applicable. Rapid testing has become indispensable to the existing food safety supervision system.

Typical applications

Market Supervision Department (formerly Food and Drug Administration) for day-to-day food safety supervision

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Provincial market supervision bureaus County-level food safety rapid inspection vehicles

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Food and Drug Safety Inspection labortary


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