High Performance Back-illuminated Fiber Spectrometer

Short description

High-performance area array back-illuminated CCD sensor, high-speed USB, industrial, laboratory and scientific research applications


Technical highlights

JINSP high-performance back-illuminated fiber spectrometer uses an area-array back-illuminated CCD chip with a pixel count of 2048*64 and a pixel size of 14*14μm, providing a large photosensitive area and higher spectral stability. It adopts a high-resolution optical path design and cooperates with advanced FPGA low-noise, high-speed signal processing circuits. It has an excellent spectral signal with stable and reliable performance. It is equipped with various spectral ranges to choose from,which can meet the needs of fluorescence,transmission,reflection, Raman spectroscopy,and other spectroscopic applications.

Specifically, the SR100B has a quantum efficiency of nearly 80% in the 200-1100 nm range, with a high quantum efficiency of up to 60% in the ultraviolet band. The SR100Z adopts a refrigerated area-array back- illuminated CCD chip, which can receive more optical signals, improve the signal-to-noise ratio of the spectrum, and achieve a quantum efficiency twice that of the line-array sensor in the 200-1100 nm range, and with a high quantum efficiency of up to 70% in the ultraviolet band.



• High flexibility - Optional range of 180- 1100 nm, compatible with multiple interfaces such as USB3.0, RS232, RS485.

• High resolution - Resolution < 1.0 nm @ 10 µm (200-1100 nm).

• High sensitivity - Utilizes high quantum efficiency area-array back- illuminated detector, optimized for the ultraviolet band.

• High signal-to-noise ratio - Integrated TEC cooling (SR100Z).

Product specifications

Model SR100B SR100Z
Appearance ert (542)  ert (543)
Key features High sensitivity High resolution High signal-to-noise ratio High reliability
Chip type array back-illuminated, Hamamatsu S10420 Area array back-illuminated refrigeration, Hamamatsu S11850
Weight 1200g 1200g
Focal length ≤100mm ≤100mm
Entrance slit width 10μm ,25μm ,50μm ,100μm ,200μm
Input fiber interface SMA905 ,free space
Data output interfaces USB3.0, RS232, RS485, 20pin connector
ADC bit depth 16bit
Power supply DC 4.5V to 5.5V (type @5V)
Working current  <500mA
Operating  temerature 10 ~ 40 ℃
Storage temperature -20 ~ 60 ℃
Operating humidity 0~90%RH
Communication protocol Modbus
Dimensions 180 mm(width)× 120 mm(depth)× 50 mm(height)

Typical applications

Application areas

• Absorption, transmittance and reflectance detection
• Light source and laser wavelength detection
• OEM product module:
     Fluorescence spectrum analysis
     Raman spectroscopy - petrochemical monitoring, food additive testing

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