Liquid Safety Detector

Short description

Rapid safety detection of liquids, aerosols and gels, etc.applicable to airports, rail transit and key locations, etc.


Technical highlights

Provide product solutions with various technologies such as Raman and electromagnetic.

Fast, deliver detection results within seconds.

Accurate , provide the chemical name of the tested liquid.

Easy to operate, and quick start.


JINSP offers a rapid security inspection solution for liquids , aerosols , and gels , assisting airports, rail transit systems, and other key locations in the swift and secure detection of liquids. JINSP liquid security inspection products encompass advanced technologies, including Raman spectroscopy and electromagnetic technology. This allows the provision of rigorous liquid security inspection solutions for locations like airports while also delivering cost-effective and rapid liquid security inspection solutions for high-traffic areas such as subways.


JINSP offers the RT1003EB Liquid Safety detector and RT1003D Liquid Safety Inspection Instrument. These two products employ advanced technologies such as Raman spectroscopy, providing accurate results and even identifying the name of the tested liquid to assist on-site personnel in quick decision-making. The RT1003EB Liquid safety detector has received the highest-level certification from the European Civil Aviation Authority for the detection of liquid explosives.

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ert (502)

JINSP also provides the DC2000 Desktop Hazardous Liquid Detector and DC1000 Portable Hazardous Liquid Detector. These two products utilize electromagnetic technology and thermal conduction technology, ensuring fast detection, especially suitable for high-traffic areas such as train stations and subways.

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