Narcotics/Explosives Detector

Short description

Rapid detection of narcotics, explosives, hazardous chemicals and other substances found on site, used in customs, public security and fire protection, etc.

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Technical highlights

Provide product solutions with various technologies such as Raman spectrometers and infrared spectrometers.
Fast, deliver detection results within seconds.
Accurate,provide the chemical name of the tested liquid.
Easy to operate, and quick start.

Product Overview

JINSP offers an on-site rapid detection solution for narcotics, explosives, and hazardous chemicals, aiding customs, public security, and fire departments in the swift detection of such. This eliminates the need to send samples to a laboratory for testing, significantly saving detection time and enhancing on-site disposal efficiency.


JINSP offers the RS1000 handheld substance identifier with a 785nm Raman spectrometer and the RS1500 handheld substance identifier with a 1064nm Raman spectrometer. These products assist users in the rapid detection of substances such as narcotics, explosives, and hazardous chemicals found on-site. The RS1000 is known for its simplicity of operation and fast detection, while the RS1500, with its resistance to fluorescence interference, excels in detecting drugs like heroin and fentanyl.

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JINSP also provides the IT2000NE drug and explosive detection device with infrared spectroscopy, addressing the limitations of Raman spectrometers in detecting dark substances and cannabis .It offers simple sampling,rapid detection, and reliable results.

For drug users , JINSP offers the FA3000 hair drug testing device,which assesses the past drug use of individuals by analyzing their hair.

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