Near-infrared Fiber Spectrometer

Short description

256/512 Cooled and non-cooled InGaAs Sensors,1.4µm,1.7µm,2.5µm near-infrared spectrometer, pesticides, food, Raman, scientific research applications

ert (571)

Technical highlights

JINSP SR50R17 near-infrared spectrometer is a compact and cost- effective instrument operating from 900 nm to 1700 nm. It features a non- cooled InGaAs sensor, providing high sensitivity and resolution.
JINSP SR100N25 near-infrared spectrometer with cooling technology supports wavelength ranges of 0.91.7μm or 0.92.5μm. With a wide range of applications, it integrates filters to eliminate visible light and higher-order filters. This spectrometer is suitable for near-infrared spectroscopy detection in transmission, reflection, and absorption spectra.
JINSP SR50N14 refrigerated near-infrared miniature spectrometer is a lightweight, highly stable, and high-resolution miniature spectrometer. It features a 512-pixel refrigerated InGaAs sensor, supporting the wavelength range of 0.9μm to 1.5μm, in 1064 nm Raman spectroscopy with excellent performance.



• Small size and lightweight.

• Gold-coated lens surface for high near-infrared reflectance efficiency.

• Compatible with USB or UART to output measured spectral data, easy to integrate.

• Compitable with SMA905 optical fiber input to obtain free space light.

• Adopts on-chip cooling technology and configures low-noise signal processing circuit, effectively suppress dark current noise and improve spectral signal-to-noise ratio (SR100N&SR50N).

Product specifications

Model SR50R17 SR100N25 SR50N14
Design or   Appearance ert (575)  ert (577)  ert (576)
Key features High sensitivity High resolution High sensitivity High signal-to-noise ratio High signal-to-noise ratio High resolution
Chip type Line array InGaAs Cooled linear array InGaAs Cooled linear array InGaAs
Wewight 400g 1200g 950g
Resolving power 6.5nm(@25μm) 6.3nm(@25μm) 1.8nm(@25μm)
Wavelength range 900~1700nm 900~2500nm 1064~1415nm
Cryogenic temperature - -10℃ -10℃
Working current <1A <3A <2A
Dimensions 77mm*67mm*36mm 182mm*110mm*47mm 118mm*79mm*40mm
Power supply DC4.9 to 5.1V(type @5V)
Input fiber interface SMA905, free space
Data outout interface USB2.0 or UART
ADC bit depth 16bit
Operating   temperature 10°C ~40℃
Storage temperature -20°C ~60℃
Relative humidity 0~90%RH

Typical applications

Application Areas

Water content measurement, wastewater testing.
Grain and feed quality testing.
Measurement of fats, oils, proteins, fibers, etc.
Measurement of the composition of drug mixtures.