Scientific Grade CCD Fiber Spectrometer

Short description

Ultra-high quantum efficiency (High-QE), deep refrigeration, laboratory and scientific research applications Introduction


Technical highlights

JINSP Research-grade CCD Fiber Optic Spectrometer is specifically designed for weak signal detection, offering research-level performance. Equipped with a research-grade deep-cooling camera, it effectively enhances sensitivity and signal-to-noise ratio for weak signals. With advanced high-resolution optical path design and FPGA-based low-noise, high-speed signal processing circuits, the spectrometer delivers excellent spectral signals, ensuring stable and reliable performance. It is an ideal choice for low-signal detection. The spectral range covers applications such as fluorescence,absorption, and Raman spectroscopy in the ultraviolet, visible, and near-infrared regions.

Among them, SR100Q features a 1044*128 pixel scientific research-grade cooled area array chip with a pixel size of 24*24 μm, providing 4 times the area of ordinary pixels, and the quantum efficiency is as high as 92%. The SR150S has a focal length of 150 mm, a cooling temperature reaching -70°C, very low dark current, making it suitable for longer exposure times; the whole machine has a compact structure, which is convenient for laboratory testing and industrial integration.


CCD, quantum efficiency 134 curve



• High quantum efficiency, 92%peak@650nm, 80%@250nm.

• High signal-to-noise ratio: extremely low dark noise under long integration time, signal-to-noise ratio as high as 1000:1.

• Integrated refrigeration: long exposure weak signals are clearly detected and have strong environmental adaptability.

• Low noise, high speed circuit: USB3.0.

• Compact structure and easy integration.

Product specifications

Model SR100Q SR150S
Design/    Appearance ert (549)  ert (550)
Key features High signal-to-noise ratio High resolution Deep cooling High sensitivity
Chip type Area array back-illuminated refrigeration, Hamamatsu S7031 Back-illuminated deep depletion CCD
Dimensions 180 mm(width)× 120 mm(depth)× 50 mm(height) 280 mm(width)× 175 mm(depth)× 126 mm(height)
Weight 1200g 3500g
Focal length ≤100mm ≤150mm
Data output interface USB3.0, RS232, RS485, 20pin connector USB
Power supply 5V 12V
Operating current <3.5A 3A
Entrance slit width 10μm ,25μm ,50μm ,100μm ,200μm
Input fiber interface SMA905 ,free space
ADC bit depth 16bit
Operating   temperature -20°C~60°C 
Storage temperature -30°C~70°C 
Humidity 0~90%RH

Typical applications

Application areas

• Absorption, transmittance and reflectance detection
• Light source and laser wavelength detection
• OEM product module:
Fluorescence spectrum analysis
Raman spectroscopy - petrochemical monitoring, food additive testing

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