SR50C (SR75C) miniature spectrometer

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The SR50/75C series miniature spectrometer is a small-volume, high-performance, cost-effective multi-purpose spectrometer, covering ultraviolet, visible, and near-infrared bands, and can be used for Raman scattering spectroscopy, as well as detection analysis of reflection, transmission, and absorption spectra.
SR50/75C series spectrometers use 2048-pixel high-sensitivity COMS, support the wavelength range of 200-1100nm, and are equipped with low-noise, high-speed processing circuits, excellent signal-to-noise ratio and extremely fast response speed.
The SR50/75C series is compatible with SMA905 optical fibre and free space input, and data transmission supports USB2.0 and UART, which is convenient for scientific research users and industrial users to integrate.

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Detectable items

● Raman spectroscopy system
● Light source and laser detection
● LIBS measurement

● Micro and fast spectrophotometer
● Environmental protection equipment (flue gas, water quality)
● LED sorting machine


  SR50C SR75C
Detector Type Line array CMOS, Hamamatsu S11639
Effective pixels 2048
Pixel size 14μm*200μm
Sensing area 28.7mm*0.2mm
Optical parameters Numerical aperture 0.14 0.085
Wavelength range Customized in the range of 200nm~1100nm Customized in the range of 180nm~ 760nm
Optical resolution 0.2-2nm 0.15-2nm
Optical design Symmetrical C-T optical path
Focal length <50mm <75mm
Entrance slit width 10μm, 25μm, 50μm, 100μm, 200μm (customizable)
Incident optical interface SMA905, free space
Electrical parameters Integration time 1ms-60s
Signal-to-noise ratio 650:1 (4ms)
Data output interface Type-c USB 2.0 or serial port
ADC bit depth 16 bit
Power supply DC 4.5 to 5.5V(type @5V)
Operating current <500mA
Operating temperature 10°C~40°C
Storage temperature -20°C~60°C
Operating humidity < 90% RH (no condensation)
Physical parameters size 76mm*65mm*36mm 110mm*95mm*43mm
weight 220g 310g

List of Product Models

Model Spectral Range (nm) Resolution (nm) Slit (μm)
SR50C-G01 200~1000(UV-NIR) 3.5 50
2.4 25
1.5 10
SR50C-G03 350~870(VIS) 2.5 50
2.0 25
1.2 10
SR50C-G04 200~550(UV) 1.4 50
SR50C-G07 350~700(VIS) 0.8 25
SR50C-G08 780~1050(NIR) 0.5 10
1.0 50
0.6 25
0.3 10
Model Spectral Range (nm) Resolution (nm)  Slit (μm)
SR75C-G02 510~1000(VIS-NIR) 0.8 25
0.5 10
SR75C-G04 200~450(UV) 0.3-0.5 25
SR75C-G06 330~570(VIS) 0.2-0.3 10
SR75C-G07 550~750(VIS)
SR75C-G08 750~900(NR)
SR75C-G09 180~340(UV) 0.3 25
SR75C-G10 500~600(VIS) 0.15~0.2 10

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