ST50S (90; 100) Transmission imaging spectrometer

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JINSP ST50/90/100S series transmission imaging spectrometers are the ultimate high-performance spectrometers for weak signal detection.
ST50/90/100S series spectrometer adopts VPH volume holographic phase grating, the diffraction efficiency of the grating is as high as 80%~90%, which is slightly higher than reflection grating. The optical path is designed with a high numerical aperture and zero optical aberration, which can achieve the best collection efficiency and theoretical limit resolution. At the same time, it is compatible with mainstream scientific research-grade deep cooling cameras such as PI and Andor, thus ensuring excellent quantum efficiency and dark current noise.
SR50/90/100S series spectrometers can receive SMA905 fibre input light and free space light, At the same time, it supports multi-core fibre and multi-channel, and is compact and portable. It is very suitable for spectral detection in scientific research directions such as materials and biology and industrial detection of low-concentration samples or weak signals.

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• Confocal Raman Analysis
• Gas Detection


ST50S ST90S ST100S
detector Effective pixels 512 * 1 2000 * 256 2000 * 256
Pixel size 25 μm * 500 μm 15 μm * 15 μm 15 μm * 15 μm
Optional Cameras PI, Andor and other scientific research cameras (optional)
Cooling temperature -60℃ ~ -80℃
Optical parameters Wavelength range 1080 nm~1330 nm 534 nm~665 nm 790 nm~970 nm
Optical resolution 6 cm-1 (25 μm)8 cm-1(50 μm) 5 cm-1 (25 μm)8 cm-1(50 μm) 3 cm-1 (25 μm)5cm-1(50 μm)
Focal length 50 mm 90 mm 100 mm
Grating VPH grating
The width of the slit 5, 10, 25, 50 μm or as customized according to your needs
Incident optical interface SMA905/ free space
Electrical parameters Integration time 1 ms ~ 60 min
Data interface USB 2.0
ADC bit depth 16 bit
Power supply DC11 to 13 V (type @12 V)
Operating current 3 A
Operating temperature -20°C~60°C
Storage temperature -30°C~70°C
Operating humidity < 90% RH (non-condensing)
Physical parameters Size 185 * 150 * 79 mm(without detector) 267 * 215 * 109 mm(without detector) 267 * 215 * 109 mm(without detector)
Weight 2.2 kg (without detector) 3.9 kg (without detector) 4.3 kg (without detector)


ST90S transmission imaging spectrometer for testing anhydrous ethanol
(Laser power: 100mW, Exposure time: 5ms)


ST90S transmission imaging spectrometer multi-channel detection




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