Universal Compact Fiber Spectrometer

Short description

Compact size, high-sensitivity linear array sensor, covering ultraviolet-visible, near infrared range (200~ 1000 nm), supports USB connectivity, easy for industrial integration and control.


Technical highlights

JINSP multi-purpose compact fiber optic spectrometer is characterized by small size, high performance, cost-effective, and versatility. It is well suited for building various common spectral measurement systems, enabling reflection, transmission, and absorption spectra in the range of 200 to 1100 nm.

The spectrometer employs the industry's highest-quality diffraction blazed grating and excellent optical design to ensure high optical luminous flux (throughput) and improve weak signal detection capabilities. Replacing diffraction gratings with different line densities, high- resolution spectral detection can be achieved in the ultraviolet, visible, and near-infrared bands. Equipped with a 2048-pixel high quantum efficiency CMOS chip and a professional high-speed, low-noise signal acquisition and processing circuit, it delivers optimal spectral signal-to-noise ratio.

The internal integrated temperature sensor can monitor the ambient temperature in real-time. Combined with the internal temperature drift compensation algorithm, it can achieve the smallest temperature drift within the operating temperature range.

Specifically, the SR50C adopts a crossed C-T optical path, providing high sensitivity. The SR75C utilizes a 75mm long focal length reflective mirror coupled with M-type C-T optical design, ensuring optimal optical aberration and resolution. The SR50D features a crossed C-T optical path and an internally integrated semiconductor cooling chip, allowing the chip to operate at 5°C (adjustable temperature) to enhance signal stability.

Product specifications

Model SR50C SR75C SR50D
 Design/Appearance ert (510) ert (509) 1709713283070
Key features High sensitivity Cost-effective High resolution Cost- effective High signal-to-noise ratio Cooling, Low noise
Dimensions 76 mm(width)× 65 mm(depth)× 36 mm(height) 110 mm(width)× 95 mm(depth)× 43 mm(height) 76 mm(width)× 65 mm(depth)× 36 mm(height)
Weight 220g 310g 220g
Focal length ≤50mm ≤75mm ≤50mm
Chip type Line array CMOS, Hamamatsu S11639
Entrance slit width 10μm ,25μm ,50μm ,100μm ,200μm
Input fiber interface SMA905 ,free space
ADC bit depth 16bit
Power supply DC 4.5V to 5.5V (type @5V)
Operating current <500mA
Operating   temperature 10 ~ 40 ℃
Storage temperature -20 ~ 60 ℃
Relative humidity 0~90%RH
Communication protocol Modbus

Typical applications

Application areas:

Absorption, transmittance, and reflectance detection In ultraviolet, visible, and near-infrared range

Detection of light source and laser wavelength

OEM product module:

LIBS – analysis of soil and minerals for geological testing and mining-related work

Online monitoring of water quality and environmental protection - organic matter and oxygen content in water

Flue gas - Monitoring and identification of flue gas emission components

Performance Test